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Right-Sizing Your Print Fleet

Regency MPS will work with you to ensure each of your current devices is in the right location for the right application and the right volume.

Once we have completed the snapshot of your environment and have begun helping you manage your print environment, we will sit down together and help you optimize your print fleet. Does that mean you will need to invest in new devices? Not typically! You will realize significant savings when you simply move the most cost-effective printers to those users and locations with the highest print volume. In some cases, you may want to deploy a few new devices if it means a lower long term cost, but we will help you through that process and even provide reduced pricing on those purchases when necessary.

Down Sizing

Typically, 80% of a company’s print volume is produced on by 20% of the devices, which means there is a good chance you can consolidate and remove some of those printers with very minimal impact to the end users. We realize this type of change sometimes faces resistance, but when people realize that by moving their printer to a more productive area and sharing with a small group they can reduce the energy used and have access to devices with more features at the same time, they are normally willing to make that change. You can reduce your carbon footprint up to 20% by making this small change, as most printers are normally powered 24/7!


It is crucial to remember that down-sizing must be done on a case-by-case basis. While moving all documents to a large multi-function printer may save money, if the group is too large, it can significantly reduce productivity. We know that truly your most expensive asset is your employees, so their productivity is crucial! At the same time, having the high-cost desktop printers, especially inkjet, can cost 5­20 times more than workgroup laser printers or MFP devices. The key is to find the right device for the right application and the right-sized group. The key is always BALANCE.



A Balanced Approach

  • Repositioning current devices to send highest print volume to the lowest cost devices
  • Replacement of some devices based on Total Cost of Ownership and usage needs
  • Introduction of affordable color printer device replacement if needed
  • Controlling color printing
  • Replacing high-cost desktop devices with workgroup devices when beneficial