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MPS Reporting

When considering a Managed Print Service (MPS) program, capturing good data and information is an absolutely critical element to a successful program.

Not only does Regency’s MPS program have unmatched reporting capabilities, but what we DO with that information is the key to help you accomplish your goals.

Here are a few examples of some of our unique capabilities and the thought processes behind them.

For additional Next Level Reporting, please call your Regency Account Manager.

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The Basic Cost Snapshot allows you to:

  • Know how many pages each of your devices are running every month and view all of this information all in one place.
  • Run this report automatically each month or quarter, so you know exactly what your print fleet is doing and you can easily pinpoint areas where changes can be made.

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The Color vs. Mono Report allows you to:

  • See a quick graphical view of how much of your total printing is done in color vs. black and white. (Did you know that color is easily 5-10 times more expensive than black and white and can quickly escalate your costs?)

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The Technical View Report gives you:

  • Real time visibility of your entire print fleet
  • Information on which devices are running smoothly and which may need attention

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The Service Reports allow you to:

  • Drill down into the device detail view to get real time information on each of your devices, including supply, error, and service history information.