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Impact of Color Printing

Though color accounts for only 10% of the typical print volume, it accounts for up to 50% of the total costs associated in a company’s overall print budget.

Color can be a huge benefit, offering increased response and retention, however, it is crucial to utilize this asset appropriately.

Many people continue to print in color simply because it’s available, without realizing that it costs 5-10 times more than black-and-white printing. An average 10-page document would cost about $.20 to print in black and white, but in color could be up to $2.00. Multiply that by the quantity of documents printed on a regular basis, sometimes multiple times for review and proofing, and that cost quickly moves from $20 to $200 or $200 to $2,000 simply by clicking on color verses black and white. We have some easy-to-use tools you can utilize immediately to help lower the overall color printing volumes in your organization.