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Taking Managed Print Services to a Whole New Level

Regency MPS offers SheetSmart™, which is a revolutionary MPS (Managed Print Services) system that takes standard MPS to a whole new level. Empowered with key components, it provides additional savings and time-saving services, while significantly reducing print volume.

The goal is to drive engagement with your employees. Engaged employees produce amazing results and the building block to any successful organization. By providing them this valuable information they will be more fiscally responsible in relation to your printing needs.

The ability to monitor your print devices is just the basics of MPS. Regency offers more! We can provide additional software to help you gain more control, more choices, more flexibility and more information from both local and network print devices. This will allow you to oversee and understand each end user’s printing habits. This will benefit you by giving you the full picture of your printing landscape and put forth in place best practices within your organization.

In a nutshell, data is collected for all print devices-both networked and local.  SheetSmart’s end-user data includes a profile of all users and all print jobs-the who, what, when, where, and how of printing.

Printelligence™ allows you to educate your employees about the cost of print, thus saving your company money, in addition to being environmentally responsible. You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it!

SheetSmart has many unique options to choose from and can be customized to your needs.

Help Desk Support

Having problems printing? No problem. Each printer will have our 800 support number right on the device. Amazing enough, 72% of our help desk calls are resolved right over the phone. This takes care of the majority of problems. If this doesn’t work, we’ll send a technician on site with an average response time of 2-4 business hours.

The time saved is more valuable than most realize. Industries show that 23% of IT’s time is spent on printer-related issues. SheetSmart allows them to focus on core functions. (*Source: IDC)

Proactive Technical Monitoring

SheetSmart uses a patented monitoring process to determine which printer error codes are indicative of a problem that needs to be resolved. The unique system automatically forwards the error codes to the help desk team, who often know your printer has a problem before you do. Once alerted, a help desk technician will call to solve the issue. Once again, a majority of these problems are solved over the phone, but if the problem needs an on-site technician, one will be dispatched within 4-8 business hours.

The monitoring process also detects when routine service is required. By keeping printers in optimum working condition, the life of your printer and investment are extended.


Printelligence™ allows you to educate your employees about the cost of print, thus saving your company money, in addition to being environmentally responsible.

Understand what you are spending on print:

Instant access to real-time wide, focusing on the end user, not just the print device.

Printelligence’s sophisticated software monitors, logs and organizes print data with a flexible user-friendly interface. Understand what users are printing, which applications they are printing from, and which printers/print servers they are using. The advanced user interface allows you to identify high-volume print users, under-utilized printing devices, as well as print load trends and traffic which affect your bottom line.

You set the parameters, Printelligence™ does the rest:

Using what you’ve learned from the analytics, create internal print policies and parameters to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. These parameters act as triggers for a series of rules-based notifications, delivered as unobtrusive balloon messages, educating users about best practices and cost-saving alternatives.

    For example, IT departments can create the parameter that Managers are permitted to print PowerPoint presentations in color, but if they attempt to print an e-mail in color, they will receive a message suggesting a cost-saving alternative, such as printing in black and white.  These rules can either notify users of alternatives, automatically re-route jobs, or deny access to print certain criteria…it is all completely customizable!

Educate your users and they will naturally begin to gravitate towards budget and environmentally friendly alternatives.

In a relatively short amount of time, users will automatically gravitate towards lower-cost, environmentally responsible printing options - reducing printing costs and volume company-wide. Our customers have reported 15-30% print cost reduction within two months.

What this means for you:

Reduced Print Volumes

Powerful tools at your fingertips to reduce print volume and cost

Deploys simply and easily, without affecting your infrastructure

Fail-safe and secure

The result: Great insight into your network you can’t get anywhere else, and the ability to reduce your print volume by up to 30%—good news for your bottom line and for the environment.

Patented Replenishment System

The SheetSmart replenishment system uses a patented, interactive web interface to monitor devices and predict toner replenishment dates. Using unique algorithms for more accurate readings, this proactive process determines a printers' toner levels based on days remaining, instead of percentages, and automatically ships the right amount of toner, just in time. It also tracks those in transit and displays recent order history.

SheetSmart Replenishment System:

  • Replenishment based on days remaining, instead of percentages (patent-pending algorithms)
  • Eliminates in-house inventory-no more obsolete toner cartridges
  • Supply labels with routing information


5 Year Price Guarantee. Contact us for details.

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