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The Discovery Process

Printer fleet management is a process, not a one-time event

Are you like most companies that normally wait until they are purchasing new equipment to decide which printer to purchase? The focus is on a single device or area in their organization based on initial costs and capabilities. Unfortunately without real-time data, decisions are based on assumptions and don’t fully take into consideration the true cost of ownership and Return On Investment. Regency’s assessment will give you the full picture of your entire print environment, allowing you to make more educated decisions when optimizing your current hardware or purchasing new equipment, matching the right hardware with the right applications.      

How to get started...

Take a snapshot of your current environment

During the first step, Regency will gather details of your current print environment. Our MPS Specialists will set a time to conduct a no-obligation, physical walkthrough review where we will locate print devices, interview end users and gain a better understanding of your needs.

Review the snapshot

The next step is to meet and review your current situation. You will be shocked at what you learn and the areas of potential savings Regency will uncover. Here are just a few typical discoveries:

  • There are more printers than previously thought (Printer Creep)
  • Under/over utilized printers
  • High operating cost printers
  • Obsolete printers
  • 80% of your printing is done on 20% of your devices
  • Supplies management nightmare for department managers
  • Excessive and expired inventory of consumables
  • End user confusion
  • High IT involvement

Executive Summary and Recommendation

Once Regency completes your no-obligation assessment of your current printing and imaging environment, you will receive an executive summary that highlights:

  • Total monthly and annual printing volumes and expenses
  • Current process for support and maintenance
  • End user issues and requirements
  • Overview of recommendations
  • Expected outcomes of recommendations
  • Proposed implementation plan

With this information, Regency will be able to provide a plan for improvement in cost, productivity and service issues, moving you from the initial phase of assessment to a comprehensive management program. Our MPS specialists will walk you through this transition, which is easy and requires a minimal time commitment on your part.

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