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What You’ll Get

After we have completed the MPS assessment of your organization, it’s time to leverage the benefits!

Print Fleet Visibility

Regency's software will provide you with access to a website where you can view your entire fleet on one page or drill down into the device specific information where you can see the service history of the device, and even click on a link to track a supply item currently being shipped to you!

Optional On-site Support

Utilizing our national network of service technicians, we can provide on-site service for your devices. You can call, e-mail or send in your service request online through our website. In addition, you will be able to run reports on the service history of each device, and our technicians will have access to this information before they arrive, allowing them to confirm which parts they may need to correct your issue, and have them ready before they arrive at your location.

Supply Fulfillment

We monitor the toner levels of your devices, and when they are low, an order is automatically triggered to send the right toner or consumable to the right device at the right time. No more rush orders or stock piling inventory, your toner will arrive before you need it!

Ongoing reporting and analysis of:

  • Print trends
  • Over/under utilized devices
  • Problem devices

With this information, Regency will continually help you with relocating current devices to more effective locations and make replacement recommendations when appropriate to the Total Cost of Ownership.

Single Invoice

Helping you streamline the process of procurement, purchasing and auditing with a single monthly invoice that details the usage and costs for each device that is a part of the MPS program. No more guessing, you will be able to budget, forecast and see anomalies in your environment!

Management Reporting

Since printer related information is continually collected, you can easily generate reports on some or all of your devices. You can use this software to monitor color printing, usage changes, top devices with service errors, and almost any other information you would want to know to manage your devices. We will also meet with you on a regular basis to ensure up-to-date information with regards to printing trends and service performance levels in your organization.

This is just the beginning! Regency has more robust options available for you...see our SheetSmart page for more robust tools!