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With Regency MPS,
You Can Experience a:

  • 25% cost reduction of consumables
  • 20% cost reduction in unscheduled maintenance
  • 10% cost reduction in installation and upgrades

(Source: IDC)

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MPS Benefits

Here are some of the benefits you will realize when moving from a traditional print environment to a managed print program:

Visibility of Your Entire Print Fleet

With our robust software and web interface, you will have 100% visibility of your entire print fleet, in real time, on one screen. Customizable reports can be downloaded in seconds and converted to an Excel file for manipulating and analyzing.  With this data, you are better prepared to make informed decisions on re-deploying and upgrading your fleet.

Accurate Budgeting

In a typical printing environment, it is a nightmare to bring together all of the related invoices for service, supplies, devices and any other printer related expenses. Managed print provides a single monthly invoice for budgeting, forecasting and reporting. There is no more guessing and you will know how much you spend on printing every month and when there is a sudden or significant change in those expenses. It also facilitates vendor responsibility and lowers costs by bundling multiple services through one vendor.

Save Time

There are many different departments routinely involved in printer-related activities, including IT, procurement and administrative personnel. These departments can be freed up from these responsibilities to focus on your company’s core initiatives. 

Responsive Technical Service

Because service is included in a Managed Print program, when your printer malfunctions you won't have to bring in an expensive service technician, who works on a per-hour basis to fix it. Our technicians are guaranteed to arrive within 8 business hours to get your equipment up and running quickly, allowing for increased productivity of the end users. You will also receive proactive printer maintenance, based on the usage of each device, to extend the life of your hardware.

Automated Replenishment of Toner and Consumable Items

Regency’s MPS system monitors the toner levels of each printer and automatically ships cartridges when the toner reaches a pre-determined threshold. This eliminates ordering the wrong supplies, the need for storing inventory and overnight rush shipments, saving you time and money!

Cost Savings

We have helped companies, both small and enterprise level, realize a significant overall savings in their total cost of ownership.

As print, copier and fax devices become more expensive and complex (more moving parts for automatic document feeding, duplexing, finishing) and handle higher volumes—bundling financing, hardware and supplies into a single contract makes sense. But, to fully benefit from MPS, a company should have a comprehensive analysis with an emphasis on helping them print less, not purchase more.

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