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Going Green

Here are some key points of how a managed print environment can help your company can become more eco-friendly:

  • By more effectively using your current fleet, you will reduce the number of kilowatts per hour significantly. This alone has a big impact on your carbon footprint

  • You can reduce our dependence on petroleum by recycling your current toners. Either through manufacturer-based programs or directly through our managed print program, Regency can provide a solution to help you easily recycle those old cartridges instead of adding to our landfills.

  • Simply by moving from single-sided document production to two-sided (duplex) printing, you can reduce your paper usage by as much as 40%. In addition to saving you money, you will be reducing greenhouse gases and the deforestation of our environment!

  • Paper making is one of the largest uses of fresh water. You can significantly contribute to water conservation by making the simple step of reducing wasteful printing and printing duplex (two-sided) documents whenever possible.

  • Printers and multi-function devices pull a significant amount of energy for heating fusers and running their internal components, especially considering they are normally powered 24/7. By reducing the amount of printers in your fleet, you can see an immediate drop in your company's carbon footprint.

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