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Q: Do I have to buy new machines or can I use my existing equipment?

A: Not with Regency. We will work with your current machines with no pressure to purchase new equipment, no matter the manufacture or the model.

Q: I have offices in multiple locations; can we still participate in the program?

A: Not a problem, Regency can retrieve the necessary data no matter where that device is located. If they are networked on a regional level, a separate install of the software is all we need to collect the data for that region.

Q: Does MPS work for inkjet printers too?

A: It does not; however we can show you the cost savings you will incur by placing an MPS program in action, eliminating the need for expensive inkjet printers.

Q: Will installing the data collection software interfere with our network or compromise security?

A: Not at all. The PrintSmartâ„¢ software is secure and offers no threat to network security. The software operates through outbound communication only and communicated to the printing devices through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Collected data is sent through HTTPS, the same security levels as internet banking. For more information, please visit our Common Questions for Networking.

Q: I have security and compliance requirements, will I lose those?

A: Not at all. The software only collects the imaging device metrics necessary to manage a printing environment and never collects any personal or user information. The software SheetSmartâ„¢utilizes will not impact compliance of the following laws:

  • Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)

For more information, please visit our PrintSmart Security Overview.

Q: How can I access my information?

A: The beauty of MPS is your ability to view and monitor your fleet from one simple dashboard, giving you real-time instant knowledge. You will know what is going on with your entire printer fleet at all times, even if you are out of the office! You have the control to set the parameters and alerts so have the information you need at your fingertips.

Q: What type of reports can I see?

A: You hold the power over “mission control” where you monitor your valuable printer fleet from one easy-to-use central location. Click here to see the reporting available to you.


Q: What if we don’t have a dedicated IT person?

A: No worry, Regency has the resources to guide you through the entire process. We can work with you in person, over the phone or use remote desktop.

Q: Why should I feel comfortable with your service technicians?

A: Regency utilizes a nationwide fleet of service technicians that provide a 4-8 business hour response time. Our technicians are qualified for computer, printer or fax repair in your office. We keep a service history on your device so they will know at all times what error codes have been read and what has been going on with the device. Our local service professionals are armed with a wide variety of skills and certifications. You will get the right technician for your specific repair, every time.

Q: What makes Regency different from other MPS Program providers?

A:  Good question! Our differentiating factors are emphasized under our SheetSmart programs. The very premise of an MPS Program is to save you time and money, leveraging your resources, not waste them. We understand and stand behind bringing you the benefits that the MPS program is designed to offer.

In addition, as an HP MPAS (Managed Print Advanced Specialist), you benefit from our partnership. Regency is one of only 100 specialists in the entire country. We are proud and committed to work with you on saving time, costs and enhancing productivity.

 “We are extremely proud to have received this certification from HP,” said Tanya Drake, Director of Regency MPS. “This achievement validates our commitment to superior service, competitive pricing and technology offerings.”