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Did You Know?

  • Printing related expenses are the largest un-audited expense within an organization

  • 90% of organization don’t track or understand how to track printing costs

  • Industry data suggests that by 2013 it is expected that 50% of MFP’s (Multi-function printers) will be under some type of MPS Program due to the overwhelming benefits for organizations like yours

  • That a typical printer’s “low toner” indicators light up with there is still 20% of toner left, resulting in being disposed of with toner remaining?

  • That you may be carrying an excessive inventory of toners, with some expired or holding onto toner for a printer that no longer exists

  • Industry studies show that approximately 23% of your IT department’s valuable time is spent on troubleshooting nagging printer issues?

  • Color printing can cost 5 to 10 times more than black and white copies (e-mails)

  • Running out of toner is the most common “Emergency” that companies experience

  • That Regency is one of only 100 specialists in the entire country that HP recognizes as a MPAS (Managed Print Advanced Specialist), giving us the power to give you more!